Online Gambling Gets Regulated in the States

Online Gambling Gets Regulated in the States

Which USA Companies Are Poised to Take Advantage When Online Gambling Gets Regulated in the States

Online Gambling Gets Regulated in the States

When online gambling becomes fully regulated in the US, there will be a variety of companies that will seek to take advantage of this lucrative industry. These businesses will be comprised of both small and large organisations, as well as the longstanding companies that have been in the industry for years and those that will launch in the wake of online gambling becoming fully legal.

Recognised As The Leaders In Online Gambling

The regulation of online gambling in the US will see a rise in new companies who will be looking to claim their stake in the estimated $4 billion that is spent by US players on a yearly basis. It will be like a modern day gold rush and as usual, it will inevitably be the player that gets exploited.

New Jersey, along with Iowa, Illinois, New York and California are all now rushing to propel themselves into that elite group of states that hope to be recognised as the leaders in online gambling.

It appears as though Washington and Nevada will be the first to start online gambling and to begin with, poker will be the main form of gambling in these states. Also, state lottery sales will no doubt improve when companies start legally selling lottery tickets online.

One of the companies that is predicted to rake in the most from online poker will be Harrah’s, even after new companies have got their ‘game’ together. They have the best understanding and experience when it comes to promoting poker and they have the best tool available to them which is the World Series of Poker. The WSOP is by far the biggest name in poker today in both the US and the rest of the world.

The land based slot machine providers International Game Technology are well known in the gambling industry and have had their foot in the doorway for a long time now. They are already heavily involved with the Nevada gambling scene and are a major, reputable player that have been successfully operating for decades now and are poised to continue with their success.

It will be the decent, trustworthy companies like these who already have a name for themselves that will likely flourish from the very beginning. Technology companies such as those who develop casino, poker and bingo software for online casinos and similar gambling portals will also begin to thrive as their software will now have plenty of legal homes to go to.

There will inevitably be a growing number of licensed online casinos and poker sites that may opt for the cheaper software solution, which will allow smaller companies to grow.

The government itself and each individual state will of course be the biggest winners once online gambling has become fully legal and regulated. The predicted multimillion dollar revenue that will be generated through licensing and other fees on a yearly basis will be worth a staggering amount, which will head straight into the pocket of the government.